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We Upgraded KS-12.5 (КС -12,5) to Remote Radio Control

дистанционное управление

In September, specialists of INSTALLCRANSERVICE LLC completed the upgrade of the gantry crane KS-12.5 (КС -12,5) to the remote radio control of the DRU-ICS- D (ДРУ-МКС- Д). Now, the crane can be operated by radio control from anywhere in the production site, and now one person is enough to deal with strapping and operation. The remote control is made in a light alloy metal case, which is one of the most durable. The remote control is put on the neck of a worker fastened with a wide belt, thus excluding the possibility of mechanical damage during operation. The remote control is designed for outdoor use, the degree of protection is IP 65, the weight is about 1.5 kg.

From all the employees of the enterprise we wish our customers fruitful work and labour achievements!

Thank you for choosing INSTALLCRANSERVICE!