Manufacture and Erection of 5t 16.5m Overhead Crane
ограничитель грузоподъемности
Security and Accuracy – OGP ARP M-2 (ОГП АРП М-2)
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Upgrade of the Overhead Crane to Radio Control


Not long ago, our specialists upgraded overhead cranes to remote radio control in Kharkov. Remote control units based on joysticks by GUESSMANN (Germany) were used as part of radio control system. The delivery of joysticks from Germany takes about 8 – 9 weeks, so the whole modernization lasted for more than two months. In order not to stop the Customer's production, and to give employees the opportunity to feel all the benefits of controlling the crane via the radio channel, we provided backup push-button remote control units always available in our warehouse.

After 5 weeks the crane operated with a new electric circuit, and crane was controlled using the remote control system DRU-ICS- D (ДРУ-МКС- Д) produced by c. In the course of modernization, we develop specifications and coordinate them with the State Labour Service, which takes an average of 4 to 5 weeks. At the customer's request, we conducted an Extraordinary Maintenance Inspection of the crane after the modernization.


We are always ready to meet your needs and requirements, and are happy to cooperate! For detailed information on the upgrade of the crane to the remote radio control system, call the numbers: 098-18- 18-520, 095-75- 05-306 or write us at our e-mail: managers.spetskran@gmail.com.