Switching of a Crane to Radio Control.

Nowadays, with the growth of scientific and technical progress, as well as technologies, all industries aim for automatisation and elimination of the human factor. Phones are sensory, computer control is contactless, and crane control is via radio channel.
Today, almost all types of cranes can be switched to radio control (the control can be modernized by means of the radio channel).

It will be useful for:

– steel and metal warehouses with the need to perform loading in a short time;
– repair workshops where dimensional sheets of metal are overloaded;
– very high workshops where the location of equipment (machines) blocks access to the crane;
– workshops with high dust content;
– workshops with high humidity;
– workshops with high temperature, etc.


  • reduce financial expenses for the maintenance of the crane;
  • decrease the number of maintenance personnel;
  • increase the labour safety, perform control of the crane out of the hazardous area of works, at sufficiently long distance from the cargo.
  • raise the labour productivity, by means of decreasing the idle periods of the employees and lessening the operations;
  • carry out precise control of the movement and positioning of the transported cargo. The visibility of the cargo installation location is considerably improved, which is particularly important when working with valuable and fragile equipment and cargoes being moved.

Using of the crane radio control systems enables simultaneous synchronous control by two cranes or two lifting trolleys.


Technical specificationsof production radio control systems by ICS

One of the main indicators of the remote radio control system is range. It varies from 100 m to 200 m. If necessary, a smaller range can programmatically set up.

Environment: the remote radio control system is designed to operate both indoors and outdoors, at temperatures from -40C° to +85C°. Degree of protection is IP 54, IP 65.

Backup control: according to the existing rules of Labour Safety Regulations NPAOP 0.00-1.80-18, during the reconstruction of the radio-controlled crane, there must be backup control of the crane, which may be the existing control from the cabin or pendant.



When switching the cranes to the radio-control, single-speed and multiple-speed systems can be used:

– push-button control panels with one-speed and dual-speed buttons;
– multiple-speed (from 2 to 5) levered systems with a large set of commands and functions, designed to control complex cranes or as a part of frequency-type or thyristor crane drive. Switching of overhead gantry cranes to the ground control from a remote panel is made with saving of all the crane functions, all emergency protection systems, the alarm and necessary blocking.
Multiple-speed systems can be implemented using push buttons and joysticks. If in the case of joysticks, the acceleration is clear, then in the case of push-buttons, it is necessary to know that the transition to high speed is carried out by pressing the button.

Джойстиковый пульт дистанционного управления краномкнопочный пульт дистанционного управления краном в железном корпусе

The remote radio control panel can be enclosed in a metal, light-alloyed case or impact-resistant plastic case.


релейная панель сопряженияшкаф релейной панели сопряжения

General view of the relay interface panel.

General view of the relay interface panel.


When reconstructing overhead double-girder, gantry and other cranes, the interface panel is installed in the remote radio control system. It is made in a dust-proof and water-proof electrical cabinet from the components produced in Ukraine, Germany, France, depending on the operating mode of the crane and the amount of money at the Customer’s disposal.

Reconstruction (modernization) of the radio-controlled crane takes place as follows:

  1. According to the current rules, cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 or more tons should be subjected to Expert Inspection (EI) for the possibility of reconstruction by specialists of the Technical Expertise Centre (TEC).
  2. After obtaining a positive conclusion about the EI, the technical conditions are developed and agreed upon in the state labour service of Ukraine.
  3. The panel, receiving unit and console are manufactured on the territory of ICS.
  4. Installation of equipment and commissioning of the crane are performed.
  5. Training of the Customer personnel.
  6. Making a record in the data sheet about the nature of the reconstruction.
  7. Conducting an unplanned full technical certification of the crane (UFTC) by the TEC specialists.

If necessary, The specialists of INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC can perform the whole complex of works on a turnkey basis, which significantly saves the time of the Customer.


If you want us to calculate the cost, it is desirable to provide an electric circuit of the crane or fill out a questionnaire you can receive by any convenient way.

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