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Repair of load lifting cranes: description

One of our key activities is the repair of load lifting cranes. When carrying out repairs, our main goal is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of load-lifting machines.

Vast experience allows our specialists to diagnose critical equipment malfunctions in the early stages, which inversely reduces your costs for crane maintenance.

After carrying out major or planned repairs, we develop individual program of preventive maintenance for each Customer, taking into account the type and technical condition of the crane, operation mode and process.

80% of the crane equipment of Zaporizhzhya is in the planned maintenance of our company for many years.

When carrying out planned preventive inspections of load lifting cranes by our specialists, you will get the following advantages:

finding out the exact lifetime of your crane and getting a list of crane components subject to critical wear and tear;

knowing about the possibility of carrying out individual modernization or reconstruction, allowing to reduce costs and increase the efficiency factor of the crane;

you can restore the lost technical documentation to the crane (restoration of the crane’s passport);

you will be assured of the safety of your employees and the load-lifting mechanisms will not “frustrate” your production plans.

refitting the crane for your process (work with a magnet, grab, spreader, etc.), which is especially important for leased areas.

Restoring the efficiency of existing crane equipment allows you to save your money in comparison with the purchase of a new one.

Maintenance of cranes by ICS specialists

Based on the information received from the Customer, our specialists develop a technology for repairing the following components of the crane:

restoring the metal structures (replacing deformed areas, fire correction, replacing elements subjected to corrosive wear, etc.);

partial, modular or complete replacement of crane electrical equipment (selection of various configurations, modernization, reconstruction);

replacing or modernizing the crane electric drive on all mechanisms (electric motors, motor-reducers, reducers, couplings, pulleys, brakes, etc.);

comprehensive increase in the lifetime of load lifting crane (installation of wear-resistant components, removal of stress concentration from the most loaded elements of metal structures);

comprehensive increase in the load-carrying capacity and speeds of the crane mechanisms (calculation, elimination of the limiting states of the elements of drives and metal structures, reinforcement of metal structures, changing the multiplicity of the pulley block or replacement of mechanisms assembly, regulation of inertial loads).

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