Reconstruction of cranes

Increase of productivity, adaptation for technical process

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Reconstruction of cranes: description

Reconstruction of the crane is a complex of works to improve the characteristics of your crane.

Carrying out the reconstruction of the crane by our specialists will provide you with the following advantages:

increase in speed and load lifting characteristics of the crane;

change in the operating mode of the crane, increase in stability to the loading intensity;

change of drive systems - from manual to electric, hydraulic;

complete change in the structure of the crane control system;

the crane is fully adapted to your process;

the possibility to apply an existing crane not in the passport span, altitude, etc.;

installing the magnet or grab onto the crane.

The most popular types of reconstruction conducted by our specialists are as follows:

transferring the crane to the magnetic and grab operation modes with recalculation of strength characteristics and the complete equipment required (uninterruptible power supply, magnet control panel, overload limiter with parameter recorder, etc.);

increase in crane load-carrying capacity;

change of the crane span, recalculation of the loading mode;

transferring the control system of mechanisms to frequency, thyristor control;

increase in speed indicators of the crane;

equipping the crane with a commercial weighing system.

Reconstruction of ICS crane

Our team reconstructs load lifting equipment of all types and configurations. The set of works is carried out in the following sequence:

full inspecting the metal structures, electrical equipment and crane mechanisms at site;

determining the methods of implementation and scope of works. Coordinating terms adaptable to the Customer’s process;

developing and approving the project documentation in the bodies of State Service for Labour Affairs of Ukraine;

producing, assembling, passing the test program of the delivered equipment (at our enterprise);

delivery of equipment and the arrival of our specialists to the site of crane operation;

performing works, commissioning;

crane handover for commissioning to the representatives of Technology Center (an extraordinary full technical inspection);

entry in the passport of the crane;

training the personnel to work with the installed equipment (if necessary).

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