Painting and anticorrosion treatment of cranes

Durability of equipment

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Painting and anticorrosion treatment of cranes: description.

The state of the paint-and- lacquer coating directly affects the safety of cranes operation. Based on our own experience, we can argue that more than 30% of all metal structures repairs are caused by unsatisfactory state of paint-and- lacquer coating.

Corrosive wear of load-bearing elements of metal structures leads to terrible crane accidents.

The cranes operated on open areas such as gantry, overhead cranes on crane trestles are exposed to corrosion to the maximum extent.

The construction of gantry and overhead cranes provides for a large number of so-called “pockets” in which the precipitation is accumulated - these are the balance of the legs, load trolley, etc.

Drainage systems of these cranes fail after one year of operation, in the absence of proper maintenance.

We provide a set of services aimed at preserving metal structures from the negative impact of natural factors.

We provide high speed of work execution without loss of quality by applying modern, high-performance equipment:

mobile hydroabrasive washing machines, excluding 90% of manual surface preparation;

high-pressure painting stations.

Working with us, you will get:

performing the repair work, considering your process and the possibility of stopping load lifting equipment;

cleaning the existing drainage systems of the crane. Developing and implementing new drainage systems for cranes;

complete removal of existing paint-and- lacquer coating;

diagnostics of metal structures for damage, welding defects, residual deformations, corrosive wear;

drawing up a list of defects detected and selecting methods for restoring metal structures;

developing technical documentation for restoration works;

carrying out restoration works, according to the approved project;

anticorrosion treatment of metal structures;

restoration of paint-and- lacquer coating, according to regulatory documentation;

applying protective layer (rubber coating of metal structure elements, operating in corrosive environments).

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