Modernization of cranes

Increase in safety and technical level of machines

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Modernization of cranes: description

To fully understand the meaning of modernization, according to the “Rules for the Arrangement and Safe Operation of Load Lifting Cranes,”we will give you a short presentation.

So, modernization is the reequipment of the crane into more modern components which allow to increase the level of equipment unification, degree of reliability and ease of operation.

After modernization, the technical characteristics of the crane do not change, the loading intensity (operating mode) does not change, the crane’s own and load stability also remains constant.

We are able to carry out a comprehensive modernization of your load lifting equipment.

Here is a list of our most popular works for the modernization of cranes, selecting which, you can bring your crane to a new technical and economic level:

selecting and installing the modern analogues of electromechanical equipment (electric motors), transmission elements (reducers, couplings, brakes), control elements of the crane (command controllers);

transferring the crane to the remote control (radio channel) or ground control;

arranging the supply of power to the crane (cable drum, trolley bus duct, flexible current lead);

changing the crane control system to the less power-consuming system (frequency drive).

Modernization of cranes by MKS specialists

To operate your cranes “in step with the times”, we carry out the following set of activities:

inspecting the technical condition of the crane, fixing equipment faults and failures;

defining the list of equipment to be replaced with modern, energy-efficient analogues;

inspecting the existing system of mechanisms control, selecting the modern systems;

developing and approving a set of design documentation (technical conditions, modernization project, project of works, etc.);

arrival of specialists to the crane operation site, delivery of new equipment, production of works;

commissioning, crane handover for commissioning to the representatives of Technology Center with making the relevant documentation (Acts of Acceptance, Test Acts, entry in the passport of the crane on the modernization carried out, etc.);

providing you with passports and instructions for operating and maintaining new equipment.

Load lifting machines and mechanisms become more convenient, economical and safe after modernization.

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