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Installation of cranes: description

For the period from 2007 until 2017, our specialists have installed more than 180 crane equipment on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Vietnam and Angola.

We install the lifting equipment in conjunction with commissioning of cranes as well as put the cranes into operation. Due to the vast experience of the works carried out and highly qualified engineers, we assemble, install and adjust the cranes of absolutely all modifications and types.

Engaging us to perform the installation works, you will get:

team of qualified and certified professionals;

individual methods of works;

application of modern and RELIABLE installation equipment;

fast and high-quality installation, commissioning of equipment in the shortest possible time;;

elimination of design deficiencies of the “Manufacturers”, if necessary, with the development and approval of technical conditions for repairs;

possibility of setting up the equipment for service, immediately after installation.

Why MKS, and how everything happens?

We are professionally engaged in the installation of cranes, crane equipment, non-standard equipment, etc.

Based on the Customer’s application, our specialists will go directly to the place of installation works.

After inspection of the installation site, the following set of measures is performed:

analysing the installation site, collecting the project documentation, selecting the equipment;

developing technical documentation (activity management plan, projects of production works, project of works);

3-D modelling of work stages, taking into account the individual features of the installation site and the object being installed;

coordinating the schedule of works (we can perform the work without stopping the main processes on the site of installation);

performing works on installation of the object;

commissioning, object handover for commissioning, running-in.

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