Dismantling cranes

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Dismantling cranes: description

We have been dismantling the load lifting cranes and equipment for 10 years. During this period of time, the technological and design documentation of 85% of cranes produced since 1924 to 2017, not counting load lifting cranes of own production is collected in our technical department.

Carrying out the dismantling works in space-limited environment and in short terms, without the possibility of using standard load lifting mechanisms, without stopping production at the site of dismantling, is our daily work.

If you contact our specialists to dismantle the equipment, feel free to count on the following facts:

dismantling will be in a minimum period of time;

geometry of the metal structures and the integrity of the mechanisms are not damaged after the dismantling work;

“impossibility” of dismantling is just a lack of experience;

the most modern rigging equipment will be used in the dismantling works;

the cost of dismantling is rational due to the precise and competent selection of the load lifting equipment involved in the work.

You can always get acquainted with our video and photos of similar works, 3-dimensional modelling of the dismantling stages.

Dismantling the equipment by ICS specialists

We carry out dismantling work at a high professional level. In Ukraine we are leaders in the field of these works.

The sequence of the dismantling process by our specialists usually is as follows:

departure of specialists to the site of work, collecting the information on the dismantled object, installation site, engineering and geological surveys, etc.;

studying the production process at the site of work, searching for possible technological windows, etc. (when performing works without stopping production);

developing the projects of production works, activity management plan, project of works, coordinating schedules with you;

preparatory 3-dimensional modelling of work stages;


dismantling the equipment;

transporting the metal structures and mechanisms to a new installation site (if necessary, re-installation).

Separately it is worth noting our achievements in the “rapid” dismantling of crane equipment (the method of collapse, without preserving the metal structure), which you can see in the Video section.

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