Crane rail repair

It is durability and safety of cranes

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Crane rail repair: description

One of the most common problems of crane equipment is increased wear of the wheels of the crane movement mechanism. In 40% of cases, the reason for the rapid development of the flanges is the unsatisfactory state of the crane rail.

Our specialists have developed a set of measures aimed at restoring the ground and overhead crane rail of underrunning and overrunning types.

If necessary, we perform a complete replacement of rails, monorails, crane girders, pillars and fittings.

Also you can contact us to restore the passport of the crane rail, design and installation documentation.

Repair of the crane rail by ICS specialists

If you need to perform comprehensive repair of the crane rail, our specialists can conduct a specialized complex of activities:

levelling, determining deviations from the design position in 3 planes;

edging the rail girders;

replacing the girders and rails;

repair of rail joints;

restoring the technical documentation;

adjusting the wheels of load-lifting machines.

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If necessary, for the work or diagnosis of the crane rail, please contact our specialists.

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