Upgrade of the Overhead Crane to Radio Control
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Controlled Bringing Down of 370 tons
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Security and Accuracy – OGP ARP M-2 (ОГП АРП М-2)

ограничитель грузоподъемности

On the New Year's eve our specialists manufactured and installed a rated capacity limiter OGP ARP M-2 (ОГП АРП М-2). This device allows not only to block all mechanisms of the crane in excess of the rated capacity by 10%, except for the mechanism of lowering the load, but also to record the weight of the load, to sum up the indications for the shift and store them on an SD storage device with a capacity of up to 64 Gb. Thus, it makes possible to keep an internal record of all types of loads carried by the crane by taking readings for each shift, month or quarter.


The device is installed on the Abus portal crane with a very heavy operating mode, and considering that the technological process requires accuracy, we applied the modification OGP ARP M-2 (ОГП АРП М-2). It is distinguished by the use of not strain gauge transducers which are installed in the rope, but a strain gauge axle mounted in the hook assembly. This modification allows achieving high weighing accuracy: the error is 0.5%. In case of strain gauge transducers mounted in a rope, the error is 3%.

In addition, this small-looking device also provides one more important function: remote shutdown, being another level of safety. This function is available for authorized persons only, the signal is transmitted over a radio channel with the range of up to 5 km, it also blocks all crane mechanisms, except for lowering the load.

If you are interested in safety and accuracy of load lifting, its record and control – please contact INSTALLCRANSERVICE. We are happy to inform you of all the possible functions of the device, the possibility and timing of its assembly.