Repair of an overhead crane

Repair of an overhead crane

INSTALLCRANESERVICE specializes in repairs of overhead cranes and gantry cranes, and has been performing these works since 2002. Repair of overhead cranes is the main type of work for the cranes of this type. Types of repairs of the overhead double-girder crane, as well as the overhead-travelling cranes, are classified by time:

  • Emergency;
  • Scheduled (current);
  • Overhaul;

by types of equipment to be repaired:

  • Works on the electrical part of the crane;
  • Works on the mechanical part of the crane.

Depending on the complexity and lifting capacity of the crane itself, the cost and the timing of the repair change accordingly: overhead cranes come in various operating modes from A3 (light) to A8 (very heavy), the crane can be fireproof, explosion-proof, and in addition, the crane can be of both general industrial and special design (grabbing, magnetic, metallurgical, circular and etc.).

It is very important, when calculating the scope of work, to take into account that an overhead crane can have several lifting (auxiliary lifting) and movement mechanisms (full drive arrangement) since this may affect the increase in the total power of the electric equipment of the crane, which entails the laying of additional cable routes, installation of controls, etc.

Emergency repairs of overhead cranes involved in the continuous technical process should be carried out by the owner of the crane by organizing own repair team because very few contracting organizations will agree to do work off hours or at night, in extremely tight deadlines. Possible losses incurred by the company operating the crane, in the event of an emergency stop during a continuous technological operation (steel casting, rolling, railway and sea transport overload) can be enormous.  In addition, it is advisable to install a second – duplicate crane in the same span (on the same site), with similar parameters in order to ensure uninterrupted lifting and transport operations in case of an emergency stop of the main overhead crane. Mode of operation of the duplicate crane should not exceed A4 (medium) with the loading the main crane A7 (heavy).

In case the overhead crane does not participate in the technical process (repair, installation) or is (duplicated) auxiliary in the span, the emergency repair can be performed by the contracting organization. To calculate the cost and deadlines, it is necessary to find out the causes of breakdowns, as well as to assess the extent of the consequences. Specialists of INSTALLCRANESERVICE perform these services throughout Ukraine. In addition, it is necessary to specify the availability of components (spare parts) necessary to perform repairs, which can significantly reduce the cost of repair.

Scheduled repair, in the case of overhead cranes, is usually one of the simplest in terms of organization and operation since it is performed at a full stop of production in the workshop (on the site), where the crane is operated. In addition, there is enough time to search for components, materials, and the performance of work. The scheduled repair often includes the following types of work:

  • Replacement or revision of gearboxes, motors;
  • Revision of mechanism transmissions;
  • Replacement of wheels of the crane movement mechanism;
  • Replacement of load trolley wheels;
  • Partial replacement of cabling and wiring products;
  • Partial replacement or repair of starters of resistor blocks and electrical components of crane protective panels;
  • Repair of cracks in the metal structure of the crane;
  • Painting, anticorrosion treatment of the crane, etc.

Overhaul of the overhead crane includes the following stages of work:

  1. Expert inspection of the crane.
  2. Preparation of a list of defects with photos of defects and specifications of components that require replacement.
  3. Inspection of the site of work by the contracting organization that performs the repair (coordination of the conditions of work, determination of access method, necessary equipment, etc.)
  4. Production and purchase of necessary components and materials.
  5. Development and coordination of the project of works execution with the Department of labor protection of the Customer, in accordance with the rules and regulations of health and safety.
  6. Preparation and coordination of the operational schedule of work.
  7. Appointment of responsible persons of the Customer and the Contractor.
  8. Performance of preparatory work.
  9. Performance of repair work.
  10. Making a record in the data sheet of the crane about the nature of repair work (in the absence of a data sheet of the crane – making a data sheet instead of the lost one).
  11. Conducting an unplanned full technical certification of the crane.

INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC performs all these works on a turnkey basis. For the calculation of cost of works, it is necessary to provide information from the data sheet of the crane and electric schematic diagrams. The period of overhaul of the overhead crane is calculated depending on the complexity, constraint of the conditions of work, as well as the time of delivery and production of necessary components, and can vary from 10 to 60 working days.

Warranty on the works performed is from 6 to 24 months, subject to the rules of operation of the crane.

It is worth to say that there are several ways to save on the repair of the overhead crane:

  • Maintain a spare parts warehouse.
  • Organize a repair team.
  • And the most effective – carry out inspection and maintenance of the crane timely.