Repair of overhead cranes and overhead-travelling cranes

Repair of overhead cranes and overhead-travelling cranes

INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC is engaged in repair of lifting cranes for more than 17 years. This type of work is the most popular because it is performed both periodically (scheduled maintenance of the crane) and unscheduled (emergency), and at the same time it is multi-faceted: this can be a simple replacement of a cable, or overhaul of the crane with all the related unforeseen works. This is not so easy to understand, but we will make sense of it.

The most simple works are repair of overhead-travelling cranes.  Overhead-travelling cranes (overhead single-girder cranes), as well as jib cranes are simple lifting machines that have only three mechanisms, operate in light and medium loading mode, therefore the repair of overhead-travelling cranes, as a rule, is several times cheaper than that of other cranes.

Peculiarities of the overhead-travelling crane emergency repair is that extremely short time is allotted for the definition of the defect and its elimination, especially if this crane participates in the process or performs loading and unloading operations on a rented vehicle – in these cases the customer’s losses increase every minute. In order to quickly assess the scale of the problem and to identify the cause of the breakdown, our company sends two specialists – a mechanic and an electrician to the site of work. INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC maintains a spare parts warehouse for the most common types of cranes, therefore repair of overhead-travelling cranes is performed promptly.

Repairs of cranes performed in the allotted time, with a clear technical specification and a list of components to be replaced, are called scheduled repairs. As a rule, these repairs are needed to prevent breakdowns, which involves maintenance: for example, replacement of telpher load ropes, replacement of starters, inspection of gearboxes, repair of motors of the movement mechanism, and alignment of the crane track. INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC also provides a service of the cranes maintenance, with regular inspections and repairs.

Overhaul of overhead-travelling cranes is the most time-consuming type of works, because it requires prior expert inspection, fault detection with the preparation of the list of defects and the list of procurement of materials and components. Overhaul of an overhead-travelling crane is carried out in accordance with the maintenance schedule regulated by the operating manual, or in the case of the purchase of a workshop where an overhead-travelling crane is already installed. This kind of repair involves the replacement of the main mechanisms: motors, gearboxes or assemblies, for example – replacement of end beams, replacement of the main beam.

In order to find out the cost of repair of an overhead-travelling crane in the case of a scheduled repair or overhaul, it is necessary to provide a list of defects or terms of reference with photos, if it concerns damages to the metal structure.

In the absence of a list of defects and terms of reference, you can contact our specialists for the fault detection of the crane.