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Overload limiter OGP ARP M-2 for jib cranes

ограничитель грузоподьемности

Safety devices are one of the most necessary devices installed on high-risk equipment.  The overload limiter is a device that is installed on all cranes without exception. The overload limiter configuration is changed depending on the crane type: equipment and functionality. One of the most difficult overload limiters is the overload limiter for jib wheel-mounted cranes, which was produced and mounted by our specialists on the K5363 truck crane.

The complexity of the device OGP ARP M-2 is that it must not only measure the load mass and turn off all crane mechanisms, except lowering the load when exceeding 10% of permissible, but also coordinate the permissible load with the crane radius. KS5363 truck crane has several modes of operation: with and without outriggers (outboard supports), with main and auxiliary lifts, depending on these modes, the maximum permissible lifting capacity of the crane is changed. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the maximum permissible load mass is also affected by the crane radius. Thus, this crane has 13 or more modes of operation (up to 46 modes of operation) and our device must know each of them.

Installation and adjustment of the overload limiter were made for 3 working days. OGP ARP M-2 has a parameter recorder, which determines the load mass for 2 seconds, fixes its value and the state of all crane mechanisms when overloaded. All data are stored on a sealed SD drive. Thus, you can receive information not only about the overloaded material amount, but also the date and the number of crane overloads.  Thanks to this device operation, you avoid such damage types as the deformation of the metal structure of the arm, the arm break, the failure of the winch and the engine for raising and lowering the crane arm, and most importantly – the collapse of the crane. According to statistics, the main reason for the jib crane failure is the “dead” load lift. Choose OGP ARP M-2, produced by ICS and preserve the integrity of lifting machines, people’s health and budget funds.