консольный кран

Jib rotary crane with a lifting capacity of 2 tons

Our 2019 started with the shipment of a jib rotary crane with a lifting capacity of 2 tons to Moldova. This crane will be installed outdoors […]
кран балка подвесная

Overhead-travelling crane with a lifting capacity of 10 tons in 20 days

On the eve of the New Year, there is a great stir among people buying gifts as well as at the enterprises for the implementation of […]
мостовые краны

Erection of an overhead crane “into a window”

One of the profile works of our company is the erection of overhead gantry cranes. Over the years, our specialists have faced various situations and conditions […]
кран балка купить

Project to Implementation

We have long wanted to explain what the crane begins with. Of course, your applications are first, dear Partners, which you can file us by telephone, […]
мостовой кран

Installation of weighing equipment

This time we helped our neighbour – world-class crane manufacturer KONECRANES. They turned to us for help in installing strain gauge plates of the weighing system […]
кран балкаподвеснаяг/п,т

Technical re-equipment of the workshop

One of our regular partners asked to do the impossible – to design, manufacture and assemble the crane trestles and two single-girder bridge suspended forklifts (3,2t) […]
демонтаж козлового крана

Dismounting the crane with the help of unfinished bridges

Yes, it happens too. Sometimes all possible “improvised” means are used to carry out the hazardous dismounting works. In this case, it was the building ways, […]
Демонтаж грузоподъемного крана

Large-scale crane reassembly

ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world, and we had the opportunity to reassembly the crane on […]


INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC is a full-cycle enterprise: We are engaged in both the crane design and manufacture as well as the maintenance. And we do not miss […]