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Overhead-travelling crane with a lifting capacity of 10 tons in 20 days
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Erection of an overhead crane “into a window”

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One of the profile works of our company is the erection of overhead gantry cranes. Over the years, our specialists have faced various situations and conditions that impede the works, and have gained tremendous experience in resolving them. Thus, the results of the work we performed for our partners were successful, because this erection was no longer unique to us, but this also did not make it less laborious.

It was necessary to erect a double-girder overrunning crane with a lifting capacity of 32 + 20 tons manufactured by KONECRANES. The production line could not be stopped because the technology assumed continuous production, and the planned stop had already took place. According to the project, this crane should have been erected on the 2nd floor of the workshop, and its delivery to the could not provided. Therefore, the MKS engineers decided to deliver the main components of the crane through the window.

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монтаж мостового крана

It was necessary to disassemble a part of the roof so that the truck crane with a lifting capacity of 130 tons could lower the lifting hook into the workshop, while the boom reach was close to the maximum. This also added a risk to the work, which was carried out “blindly”: the truck crane operator could not see the interior of the workshop, therefore communication with him was carried out by the radio. Half-cranes of 11 tons each were brought into the workshop window by truck cranes with a lifting capacity of 25 tons; in the workshop they were transported to the erection site by the workshop hoisting machines, after which load trolleys were installed in the pre-assembly position. The crane was commissioned upon completion of erection of the metal structures.

Works on erection and commissioning of the crane took 5 working days along with the preparatory work.

P.S. No tree was damaged during the erection work.