демонтаж козлового крана
Dismounting the crane with the help of unfinished bridges
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Large-scale crane reassembly

Демонтаж грузоподъемного крана

ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world, and we had the opportunity to reassembly the crane on the territory of this holding enterprise.

Our specialists faced the task of lifting the metalwork of a bridge casting crane with a lifting capacity of 225/63/20 t 15 m from the crane way, to provide the movement of two other casting cranes under it, to mount it to the design position for major repairs. These cranes are involved in the production process, namely the steel casting. Since the steel casting is a continuous process, INSTALLCRANSERVICE LLC had only 24 hours to complete this work.

In order to dismantle the casting crane of such lifting capacity, the most powerful truck cranes in Ukraine were needed: three cranes with a lifting capacity of 220 tons and one crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tons. During the preparatory works, our specialists needed to dismantle the workshop roof section in order to provide the truck cranes with access to the dismountable bridge casting crane. But the greatest difficulty was the presence of a metal dust layer on the crane and carts, which significantly increased the crane’s weight – the crane’s passport weight was 260 tons. Knowing this fact, the ICS specialists developed the technology for dismounting and mounting the crane, thanks to which they coped with the task successfully and within the allotted time.

демонтаж разливочного крана демонтаж грузоподъемного крана  демонтаж крана массой 260 т.

MONTAZHKRANSERVIS Specialists always responsibly treat the preparatory works: inspection of the work place, technology development and drafting the work project, and they consider this process the most significant. If it is necessary to perform the mounting and dismounting of any complexity, please contact us by phone in the CONTACTS section.

We thank our long-time partners LLC Nikoprogressstroj for the opportunity to perform such a large-scale work and for many years of productive collaboration!

монтаж мостового крана работы по монтажу мостового крана