Демонтаж крана
Controlled Bringing Down of 370 tons
ограничитель грузоподьемности
Overload limiter OGP ARP M-2 for jib cranes
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Кран цеховой козловой «под ключ»

козловой кран

We continue our series of news about package works. This time, our Partner asked us to provide technical support for production relocation to another workshop that is not equipped for installation of a hoisting machine.

It was not necessary to mount hoisting mechanisms when designing the premises, and we could not install an underhung overhead-travelling crane or an overrunning overhead-travelling crane, and the jib crane could not perform all the operations required by the technological process. In such cases, a workshop gantry crane on a rail track is used:

– it can serve almost all machines / processes and eliminates dead areas;

– it does not require the installation of additional columns, because it moves on a ground crane track or unequipped floor;

– additional equipping of the crane with the remote radio control system helps avoid cable damaging by the workshop equipment.

The specialists of MONTAZHKRANSERVICE LLC manufactured a workshop gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons, a crane track with fasteners and a current lead to the crane. They also erected and commissioned the crane, installed the crane track within 45 working days, which allowed the Customer to use the crane not only directly in the technical process, but for the installation of machines and other production equipment.

кран козловой цеховой