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Overhead-travelling crane with a lifting capacity of 10 tons in 20 days
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Jib rotary crane with a lifting capacity of 2 tons

консольный кран

Our 2019 started with the shipment of a jib rotary crane with a lifting capacity of 2 tons to Moldova. This crane will be installed outdoors and overload big bags with materials. Knowing that our Partners have virtually the same climate, we installed the remote radio control DRU-MKS-K on this crane, which makes it possible to prevent icing during the winter season and cable break to the console. We also kept a backup control – a pendant, which is stored in the room and, if necessary, can be plugged via connector. On the jib crane, we installed a telpher made in Bulgaria with the degree of protection of electrical equipment IP65. In order to further protect the telpher, we have provided a metal structure on the boom of the crane, under which it will be possible to move the telpher.Монтаж консольного крана

The crane has the following technical specifications: lifting height – 5 meters, boom length – 4.2 m, swing angle – 220⁰ with an electric drive of the mechanism. All electrical equipment provided on the crane has a degree of protection IP65, and the temperature regime of crane operation is -25⁰ … 40⁰.

To buy a jib rotary crane, please contact our specialists by calling the numbers listed in the CONTACTS section or leave your phone number on the website. Our experts will advise you in the selection of equipment and components on the basis of your technological process, and provide you with a calculation of the cost of a jib crane as soon as possible.