ограничитель грузоподьемности
Overload limiter OGP ARP M-2 for jib cranes
Демонтаж грузоподъемного крана
Large-scale crane reassembly
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INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC is a full-cycle enterprise: We are engaged in both the crane design and manufacture as well as the maintenance. And we do not miss the opportunity to confirm this. So, for our regular customer – a metallurgical plant, we made a grab for transshipping the coke.

This two-leaf grab bucket has a volume of 2 m3, weight 1,8 t and is used for bridge cranes. It  was manufactured in 50 working days. The model of the grab 4-L2-W (GOST) – means that it is:

(4) – four-wire grab,

(L2) – intended for a light group of loads with bulk density 0.8-1.1 t / m3,

(W) – intended for unloading the wagons, with lateral opening.

We manufacture the grabs by bending steel, in this case 30 mm thick with 09G2S grade, we apply wear-resistant alloy steel alloy on the cutting edges of the leaf and traditionally give the equipment warranty for 18 months.

Contact the ICS managers for advice on the grab selection by the phone: 098-18-18-520, 095-75-05-306, 063-422-12-88 or write us at our e-mail: managers.spetskran@gmail.com.