Workshop gantry crane

It is an independent movement of loads

Workshop gantry crane - design and production

One of the most popular load-lifting solutions developed by our specialists is a workshop gantry crane (mini-gantry crane)..

The construction of this type of load-lifting machine is similar to a full-scale gantry crane, only in reduced form.

Our workshop gantry crane is characterized by minimal requirements to the place of operation, namely - only a flat and strong floor is needed.

Application of modern developments in the field of polymeric materials allowed our specialists to develop a crane moving without crane rails, with the possibility of transporting loads (from wheels) without using outriggers.

The design of mini gantry crane is sturdy, lightweight and has excellent resistance to rollover.

The mechanism of crane movement is carried out in two versions:

classical version - double-flange wheels and ground crane rail;

modern version - polyurethane rotary wheels equipped with a braking system.

To lift and move the load along the gantry crane, we install a manual or electric hoist.

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Advantages of mini-gantry cranes produced by ICS

Purchasing workshop gantry crane in INSTALLCRANESERVICE , you will be pleasantly surprised by the following design features:

lightness of construction;

Even with a raised load (up to 5 tons), the movement of the crane can be done manually, using the work of one person;

ability to lift load to a height (up to the ceiling) inaccessible to all other versions of load lifting equipment;

mobility and “passing ability” of mini-gantry crane;

there is no need to install additional pillars and girders to install crane rails;

there is no inertial and vibrational influences on the workshop building;

possibility of rapid transportation of load from the workshop to the workshop;

optimization in the construction allows to quickly disassemble and assemble the crane, making it possible to perform loading operations completely total in standalone mode.

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Applicability of workshop gantry crane produced by ICS

The crane of this configuration is the optimal solution for load lifting problems for workshops that are not equipped for crane equipment.

The mini-gantry crane is used in warehouses, assembly workshops, etc. This type of crane is most widely distributed in repair shops of Ukrainian agro-industrial enterprises. Due to the ease of construction, mobility and considerable load-carrying capacity, the mini gantry crane can be an indispensable load-lifting partner for you.

The main characteristics of mini gantry cranes are as follows:

load-carrying capacity is from 0.25 to 6.3 tons;

span is up to 8 m;

lifting of loads is up to 6 m.

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