Overhead single-girder underrunning crane

It is the lightest crane.

We produce overhead single-girder underrunning cranes - these are the lightest cranes among all lifting mechanisms, however its load-carrying capacity can reach 20 t.

Such lifting machines are suitable for small mechanical workshop, warehouses, etc.

Structurally, the crane is a metal structure moving along the crane overhead rail (single-rail I-beam). The lifting mechanism of this crane is the hoist which provides lifting and lowering of loads, moving along the crane.

The main (longitudinal) girder of the crane is produced from long hot-rolled profile (I-beam, pipe) and welded girder - from box section, depending on the span, load-carrying capacity and operating conditions of the crane.

The end girders (gauge carriages) of our production are metal structure with a travelling mechanism along the crane rails. All high-wear parts of the travelling mechanism are produced from wear-resistant materials and heat-treated to increase the reliability of the equipment.

Cranes are equipped with load lifting hoists of various types and configurations - from electrical rope to hand chain hoists.

The speed of the underhung overhead-travelling crane mechanisms of our production is customized to the needs of the Customer’s processes by selecting the necessary drive or installing frequency converters, thus ensuring high manoeuvrability and low power consumption of the crane.

We operate the crane using pendant-type operating panel or modern telecommunications system.

The power supply to the crane is carried out using both a system of flexible current lead (flexible cable, flat cable) and overhead trolley versions (metal-clad bus duct, open trolleys)

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Advantages of underhung overhead-travelling cranes produced by ICS

Based on many years of experience in the repair of cranes of this type, we have developed and put a set of design solutions into production that put our cranes in the first place in terms of safety and reliability:

increasing in lateral stability of metal structures;

modernizing the system of transverse stabilization of the crane;

increasing the crane’s passing ability, compensating the curvature of the crane rail;

reducing the mass-dimensional indicators;

lowering the power consumption of the crane;

increasing the smoothness of the mechanisms operation, reducing dynamics;

Underhung cranes of our production are characterized by low costs during operation.

Also, we can offer you cranes of individual sizes, with uniform components, easy to install and maintain through implementation of our own developments.

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Applicability of underhung overhead-travelling cranes

When equipping the production with lifting mechanisms (if there is no crane rail), the installation of underhung crane rails and underhung single-girder crane is the most rational.

The requirements for the height of the building of underhung overhead-travelling cranes are minimal. The presence of consoles on the longitudinal girder allows to bypass the supported cranes in the area of​the working area of the crane.

Underhung overhead-travelling cranes are designed to operate in the light (A3) and medium (A5) loading modes. With a low operating load and a small load-carrying capacity (up to 5 tons), it is reasonable to complete single-girder underrunning cranes with manual drive mechanisms.

The design features of our underhung cranes allow the transportation of cargo from the span to the span by means of a docking mechanism for underhung cranes of adjacent spans, or crane and single rail.

Multi-span underhung cranes are very popular and practical solution. This special version of the underhung crane is used, if necessary, to distribute the load on the trusses carrying the crane rail as much as possible. Also, multi-span version allows using one crane, instead of two or even three.

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