Overhead single-girder overrunning crane

It is a “small” helper of “big” cranes

We produce overhead single-girder overrunning cranes

These are more accurate and energy-efficient analogues of heavy double-girder cranes with load-carrying capacity of up to 32 t. Overrunning overhead-travelling cranes are installed as auxiliary cranes in one span with overhead cranes of large load-carrying capacity and dimensions. With this “neighbourhood”, we necessarily produce and mount optical or mechanical anti- collision system.

A single-girder overrunning crane assembly is a metal structure with an individual travelling mechanism mounted over the above-ground crane rail (rail or square). The hoist is to lift and lower as well as move the loads along the metal structure of the crane.

The main (longitudinal) girder of the crane is (preferably) produced welded, of box-section, but it is reasonable to use the long metal profile for the most rational use of materials at low load-carrying capacities, operation modes and spans.

The end girders (end trolleys) are made of sheet steel, using modern gear motors (individual drive for each wheel) and housed bearings of leading manufacturers.

The wheels of our overrunning overhead-travelling cranes pass series of software tests to detect possible hidden defects after the heat treatment.

The lifting hoists structurally ensuring the operation of the crane for full potential are installed on the overrunning overhead-travelling cranes. The hoists are selected at the crane design stage, taking into account a set of characteristics such as drive type, construction height, operating mode, etc.

The dynamics of acceleration and the nominal speeds of all the mechanisms are selected, depending on the process, under which a single-girder crane is produced (from mounting energy-efficient cranes to highly manoeuvrable high-speed cranes).

The speed and dynamic parameters are adjusted with frequency converters, the selection of transmission components (gear ratio, multi-speed electric motors) is more economical option.

The mechanism control system is used as a pendant-type panel (optional – radio control), if necessary, a single-girder overrunning crane is equipped with a cabin and connecting passage.

When installing the cranes in the existing workshop, the power is supplied to the crane with trolley, flexible cable, bus duct, etc. used in the production.

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Advantages of overrunning overhead-travelling cranes produced by ICS

Our specialists have developed a number of constructive solutions for the metal structure of the main girders - a box section with reinforced vertical walls, innovative “oblique diaphragms”.

Thanks to our developments in the field of electric drive and composite materials, the overrunning overhead-travelling cranes manufactured by Installcranservis LLC compete with double-girder cranes and even outperform in the following parameters:

efficiency factor and energy efficiency;

accuracy of loads positioning - ability to track the absolute position of the crane with a linear error of 5 mm;

impact on the crane rail - no vibrations during operation, reduction of pressure from the crane wheel;

height dimension reduced,

our cranes have increased resistance, corrosive wear resistance and are designed rationally according to the working space;

высокие запасы.

high reserves - our single-girder cranes are designed primarily for SAFE loads moving.

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Where to install the overrunning overhead-travelling cranes

Overrunning single-girder cranes were originally intended for fast movements of small masses of loads (up to 32 tons) in the workshops of industrial enterprises.

This type of crane is optimized for light (A3) and medium (A5) operation modes and relatively non-metal intensive (low load on the crane rail) at sufficiently high gear speeds.

If a repair or auxiliary crane is needed in production, the overrunning overhead-travelling crane is the optimal solution.

Overhead single-girder overrunning crane is installed as the main crane in production only if the process does not require continuous operation of the crane.

With a low operating load and a small load-carrying capacity (up to 5 tons), it is reasonable to complete single-girder overrunning cranes with manual drive mechanisms.


load-carrying capacity is from 0.25 to 32 tons;

span of the crane is from 4 to 28 meters;

lifting of loads is up to 100 m.

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