Overhead double-girder underrunning cranes

These are cranes of special purpose

We manufacture, install and commission the overhead double-girder underrunning cranes designed for lifting and moving loads in particularly space-limited environment.

The design of this crane is a hybrid of the single-girder underrunning crane and double-girder overrunning crane.

Our specialists managed to combine the advantages of two types of cranes in one load lifting machine.

The crane is equipped with two span (main) girders with installed under-trolley rail to move the load trolley of overhead crane.

The end girders are similar to the end girders of single-girder underrunning crane but are adapted for heavy loads and heavy loading conditions.

The load trolley of the double-girder underrunning crane is equipped with mechanisms for lifting and moving the load.

We adjust the speed and dynamic acceleration of the mechanisms by means of frequency electric drive, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of the crane.

The double-girder underrunning crane is equipped with modern remote control system and backup pendant-type panel. Due to the extremely rigid design, the crane can be equipped with a control cabin.

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Advantages of two-beam underrunning cranes produced by ICS

Our cranes in this configuration have no analogues, providing such ratio of load-carrying capacity/dimensions. Our specialists introduced individual design advantages of double-girder underrunning cranes as follows:

minimum height dimension;

high indicators of lateral stability and rigidity of metal structures;

distribution of load from the crane with the load on the bearing elements of the building;

increase in the efficiency factor of the underrunning crane;

possibility of installing the crane for intensive operation in the workshop, not intended for installation of overrunning cranes;

reduction of dynamic loads on the building, no need to install separation pads of crane rails;

The double-girder underrunning crane is a crane of special purpose but consists of uniform assemblies and components, which make it possible to maintain and replace worn-out components without problems.

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