Overhead double-girder overrunning crane

It is a powerful, reliable loads partner

We manufacture, install and commission the overhead double-girder overrunning cranes.

Double-girder overrunning cranes are applied to 84% of all industrial enterprises in Ukraine (own statistics are based on many years of experience of Installcranservis LLC).

This electro-mechanical lifting and transporting machine consists of:

load-bearing steel structure;

lifting and moving mechanisms;

electrical equipment and control systems;

hoisting (load handling) devices - hook, grab, spreader, magnet, etc.

The metal structure of the crane is welded from sheet metal, of rectangular cross-section and is equipped with travelling mechanism along the crane rails. The under-trolley rail along which the load trolley moves, is installed on the span girders.

The load trolley is a welded robust frame on which the lifting mechanism (cable drum with drive) and the travelling mechanism (wheels and transmission) are installed.

The crane is controlled both from the cabin and from the ground (pendant-type panel and radio control)

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Overhead overrunning cranes produced by ICS

Our specialists have been repairing and restoring these cranes for more than 10 years.

Proceeding from the vast experience, the design of our overhead double-girder cranes excludes “weaknesses” and is aimed at increasing reliability and safety:

rigidity and corrosion resistance of metal structure increased;

the system of the drive advance stabilization installed (crane one side overlap is completely excluded);

anti-collision system and system of “quiet approach” to the dead ends of crane rail installed;

overload of the crane excluded due to the installation of the group sales volume system, own design;

destructive starting moments on mechanisms reduced due to the use of control system for frequency converters and thyristors control panels;

system of balancing and stabilization of the crane from inertial loads of swaying the load realized because of safety of the slinger;

principle of crane control changed - the arm-chair with console in the operator’s cab provides comfort and safety of the crane operator;

The overhead crane is, first of all, a machine of increased danger, and our task is to provide the maximum level of safety at high performance indicators.

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We have a special offer for you!

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Applicability and variety of double-girder overrunning cranes

Double-girder cranes are used in workshop premises of enterprises, at open storage facilities, in river and sea ports.

Based on the type of process in which the cranes are used, the main functional groups were formed.

1. Group of double-girder cranes of general purpose

is installed to provide lifting and transport operations without specific function. Such cranes are supplied usually with hook or hook traverse, and operate in medium A5 and heavy A7 modes.


load-carrying capacity is from 3.2 to 80 tons;

span is from 10 to 36 m;

lifting of cargo is up to 40 m.

2. Group of cranes of special purpose

is used to provide lifting and transport operations of certain types. Cranes of this group are designed for a certain process. Typically, such cranes are equipped with additional mechanisms (rotation of the load trolley, extension and rotation of the auxiliary boom), can not always replace the usual hook crane (in connection with the design features) and are equipped with individual hoisting devices.

Characteristics of cranes of special purpose are usually selected individually.

3. Group of metallurgical cranes.

The applicability of cranes of this group can be determined on the basis of names (magnetic, grab, turnaround charging, casting, pit, stud pulling, ingot-stripping cranes, cranes with rigid suspension of hoisting devices).

Cranes of this group are “heavy” cranes designed and constructed with high strength and overload safety factors, because:

they have high indicators of reliability (as a rule, they do not have duplicate analogues in their span);

they operate at high speeds (in conjunction with mounting speeds);

they bear a large number of alternating loads, close to the maximum permissible loads;

they operate in the heaviest loading modes A8 (100% duty factor);

they require highly skilled machinists, because in most cases it is not allowed to attract slingers.

Our specialists will knowledgeably select a crane to provide you with a reliable lifting and transport “partner”.

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