Jib cranes

They are mobile, compact and precise manipulator

We specialize in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of jib cranes of various modifications. jib cranes of various modifications.

Jib rotating cranes are L-shaped metal structure equipped with load lifting and moving mechanism along the crane (hoist), and the mechanism of arm pivoting itself.

The crane’s metal structure consists of two main components:

pivot or stationary arm;

support pillar.

The crane arms are produced welded, from sheet steel, of variable cross section to ensure the maximum crane load-carrying capacity for any boom reach.

The pillar of the jib crane is made of thick-walled electrically welded pipes, from 325 to 1420 mm in diameter. With a large load-carrying capacity and lifting height, the pillar is welded, rectangular or complex section to provide the necessary moment of resistance.

To lift and move loads along the crane arm, the lifting hoists are used.

Jib rotating cranes of our own production are usually supplied with mechanisms with mounting speeds (to position workpieces in the machine, etc.), and control is carried out on the basis of frequency converters to improve the smoothness and accuracy of the crane’s working movements. With such control system, the jib crane is more like an industrial robot which maneuvers the load with a “steady hand”.

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Advantages of jib cranes produced by MKS

Purchasing the jib crane produced by MKS, you can be completely sure of the safety of your personnel and your loads.

During the research works, the following design features were realized in our jib cranes:

optical locking system for collision when pivoting the arm (optional);

friction fuse system of the boom swing mechanism;

maximum vertical approach of the load - the distance from the ceiling raised to load can reach only 600 mm;

synchronization of the control system with equipment for the maintenance of which the jib crane is installed (continuous feeding of the workpiece into the press, etc.);

in the version of jib crane with a 360° rotation angle, a return to the original position is not required.

Individual development of the jib crane for a certain process is our priority products.

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Types and applications of jib cranes

Consider the most common types of jib cranes.

1. Stationary jib cranes

are mounted on the foundation (in the “on the pillar” version) or on the shop metal or reinforced concrete pillar (in the “wall” version).

The jib crane of this configuration is used for servicing machines, stationary equipment and has a small working area.

The operating mode of such cranes is usually light A3 or medium A5. To operate with low load (mode A1), these jib cranes are equipped with hoists with manual drive of lifting and moving, and the boom swing is also not mechanized.


load-carrying capacity is from 0.25 to 5 tons;

working boom reach is from 1.5 to 6 m;

lifting of loads is up to 5 m;

rotating (in mechanized version) is up to 2 rpm.

2. The travelling jib cranes

are mounted on individual crane rails, are auxiliary equipment, and are designed to reduce the load of the main load-lifting mechanisms in the shop to a greater extent.

The operating mode of such cranes can reach heavy A7. To operate in this mode, the travelling jib crane is produced with a double girder arm, a lifting mechanism is overhead crane trolley.

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