Gantry cranes

are the most resistant reloaders

Gantry cranes are the largest and most powerful cranes from the whole range of our production.

The gantry crane is structurally similar to the overhead crane, mounted on its own legs,

It consists of the following main elements:

metal structure of the bridge and legs;

load trolley;

electrical equipment, control system and safety devices of the crane;

hoisting devices - hook, grab, spreader, magnet, etc.

Metal structure is the main load-bearing part realized in two versions: box welded section of sheet steel or space truss of long profile. Based on a variety of criteria, such as sailing, loading mode, etc., our specialists are calculating all elements of the metal structure and selecting the optimal cross-sections.

Our load trolley is an analogue of overhead crane trolley or electric hoist. The main constructive difference is the arrangement of mechanisms for lifting and moving the trolley on the metal structure of the crane which increases the maneuverability and energy efficiency of the crane.

Electrical equipment, control systems and safety of the crane are developed by our specialists individually to ensure reliability of the gantry crane in conditions of all kinds of weather “surprises”. Since the gantry cranes operate in open areas, we provide anticreep system against storm and hurricane wind in the design of cranes.

To provide high speed and dynamics of mechanisms acceleration, our specialists developed a number of solutions in the field of electric drive, based on frequency converters and thyristor control panels.

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Gantry cranes produced by ICS

Gantry cranes are designed by our specialists individually for each object, because the use of “standard” load-lifting machines, weighing from 40 tons and above, is economically impractical.

Purchasing gantry crane produced by ICS, you will be pleasantly surprised by our constructive innovations:

system for stabilizing the bridge position (control of the crane legs “overlap” during movement) installed;

improved drainage system in the nodes and elements of the crane developed;

winding the cable with a motor cable drum organized;

crane coating is made of corrosion-resistant materials;

optical anti-collision system of cranes and system of “quiet approach” to the dead ends installed;

system for limiting load-carrying capacity and registering parameters of own design installed;

crane control system is made on the basis of frequency converters or thyristor control panels (optional);

upon request, system of “balancing the cargo” and stabilizing the crane is introduced to ensure safety of the slingers;

control of the crane - arm-chair with console in the operator’s cab, for accurate and safe operation of the crane.

The possibility of installing a backup remote control system - a modern “accelerator” for loading operations.

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Variety and application of gantry cranes produced by MKS

The variety of gantry cranes can be conditionally divided according to performance indicators.

1. Cranes of general purpose

are for operation on the territories of industrial sites, reloading complexes, metal-rolling warehouses and other open areas. In the absence of possibility to install the overhead crane rail, our specialists repeatedly realized the project of the gantry crane operation inside the workshop.

Characteristics of gantry cranes of this functional group are as follows:

load-carrying capacity is from 2 to 50 tons;

Span is from 10 to 42 m;

lifting of loads is from 7 to 15m;

hoisting device is hook, traverse with hooks;

operation mode of the crane is from light A3 to medium A5.

2. Cranes of construction and installation purposes

are for operation on construction sites, for the installation of industrial equipment, for the expansion of the scale of enterprises. Characteristics of gantry cranes of this functional group are as follows:

load-carrying capacity is up to 400 tons;

span is up to 80 m;

lifting of loads is up to 30 m;

hoisting device is hook, traverse with hooks.

Principal differences of such cranes are as follows:

increased metal consumption of metal structures to provide operation in heavy mode A7;

equipment with one arm or application without arms to ensure increased maneuverability;

two-speed version of mechanisms (adjusting and travelling speeds).

3. Cranes of special purpose

are for operation on certain process. Such cranes are developed individually, according to the technological features of enterprises.

The characteristics of such gantry cranes vary in a wide range:

load-carrying capacity is up to 1000 tons;

Span is more than 140m;

lifting of loads is up to 90 m;

hoisting device is magnet, grab, spreader, spatial frames, non-standard structures;

crane operation mode is heavy A8.

If it is necessary to consult and select the gantry crane for your technological needs, contact our specialists.

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