Crane rail

It's for safe lifting of loads

Crane rail: description.

If you have even the most modern load lifting equipment, you should not neglect the condition of the crane rail. The safety of the whole complex of loading and unloading operations and, first of all, the lives of employees depend on the condition of the crane rail.

Installcranservis LLC is the manufacturer of the crane rail (overrunning and underrunning types) of increased wear resistance and with high overload capacity.

For many years we have been cooperating with Ukrainian design institutes and are jointly participating in the construction of new and reconstruction of existing workshops.

When developing and manufacturing the crane rail, our specialists take into account the following factors:

condition of the foundation and pillars of the building, geodesy and geology;

type, load-carrying capacity and operating mode of the load-lifting machine;

number of cranes in the span, technical condition of the installed cranes;

modelling of the most “unfavorable” loading conditions for the crane rail;

rail installation location: corrosion attack, environmental aggressiveness, explosion and fire hazard, seismic activity and other factors;

individual requirements for the height dimensions, wear resistance, etc.

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Advantages of the crane rail produced by ICS

Based on the huge experience in the manufacture and repair of load lifting equipment, we have developed innovative technical solutions in the field of wear resistance, thermal levelling and redistribution of loads of limit states of the elements of the crane rail metal structures. Purchasing the crane rail from us, you will get:

high-strength, wear-resistant crane rail;

a full range of works - from design to commissioning;

an increase in the period of no maintenance of your load-lifting machines;

optimal redistribution of inertial and vibrational effects on your workshop building;

crane rail, convenient for maintenance and regulation (in case of building subsidence from groundwater impact, etc.);

a full calculation of the bearing capacity of the building, the selection of the maximum crane load-carrying capacity, the project on the crane rail.

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If you need to install crane rail and load lifting device, you can contact our specialists and jointly choose the optimal solution to your problem.

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