Демонтаж грузоподъемного крана
Large-scale crane reassembly
кран балкаподвеснаяг/п,т
Technical re-equipment of the workshop
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Dismounting the crane with the help of unfinished bridges

демонтаж козлового крана

Yes, it happens too. Sometimes all possible “improvised” means are used to carry out the hazardous dismounting works. In this case, it was the building ways, which participated in bridge building in Zaporozhye. The use of existing building ways allowed to reduce the work cost – thanks to this technical solution, the Customer no longer needs to hire two more truck cranes with a lifting capacity of 220 tons.

Демонтаж грузоподъемного крана

The gantry crane K-651B with a lifting capacity of 65 tons, a span of 30 m, and a total height of 36 m, which also participated in bridge building in Zaporozhye across the Khortytsia island, was mounted in 2004 even before the construction began. The Customer has a need for this crane at another construction site, so they set for our specialists the task of dismounting the crane while maintaining all components and mechanisms in working condition. This crane type is self-erecting, but there was no self-erecting mechanism in this crane, so the specialists of INSTALLCRANSERVICE LLC have resorted to the use of the truck cranes.
When dismounting the jacks with a lifting capacity of 100 tons, two truck cranes with a lifting capacity of 220 tons and 130 tons were used. One of the selection criteria of truck cranes was an impressive crane mass, which is 136.2 tons. The dismounting process took 24 hours, and the preparatory works, including the installation of building ways and site planning for the auxiliary equipment installation, took more than a week. The total dismounting period with the project documentation development was 10 working days.
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