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Crane Control from Smartphone


We live in the age of information technology, so we want it or not, we have to resort to their use. Almost every citizen of our country has a smartphone with which we manage almost all spheres of our life: banks, communications, booking tickets and buying goods.

What about mechanical engineering?

That is nothing new that a crane can be operated with a mobile portable remote control via radio channel. This technology is widely used in metallurgical plants and scrap metal recycling plants. But science is not slack, so the crane can also be controlled with the help of a smartphone in your pocket. On your phone or tablet, you shall install a software that will transmit a signal via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the receiving unit installed on the crane.

Now, to control a crane you do not need special expensive remote control units that require servicing and maintenance of a spare parts warehouse. In addition, in this way you can limit access to the crane control, because it is still a machine of increased danger thus protecting people's lives. All commands and the status of their execution can be displayed on the gadget screen. You receive a notification if the crane takes a load exceeding the allowable. Please contact our specialists to learn more about this technology and its implementation in your production.