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Controlled Bringing Down of 370 tons

Демонтаж крана

During the construction operations at ore-dressing and processing enterprises as well as metallurgical plants, tower cranes of large carrying capacity, such as BK-1000 (БК-1000), are often used. They are used for the assembly of blast furnaces, the assembly of walking excavators and other special-purpose machinery. The carrying capacity of this crane is 80t, its height reaches 65m, and the mass of the entire crane is 370t.

The customer requested us to dismantle the tower crane BK-1000 (БК-1000) by the method of bringing down, while preserving the expensive components:

  • the main and auxiliary line hoist drums,
  • crane trolley winch,
  • winch of the mechanism for changing the reach of the boom,
  • crane tower rotation drive,
  • crane travelling drive,
  • anti-theft gripping devices,
  • crane operator cockpit.

The biggest difficulty in dismantling was that the crane was mounted between the railway tracks and the power cable that fed the entire plant. Our specialists were tasked to calculate the trajectory of the fall of metal structures with a mass of 340 tons. Thanks to the extended experience in the dismantling and erection of cranes, INSTALLCRANSERVICE's specialists successfully accomplished this task by using only one truck crane with a capacity of 25 t, and the entire dismantling lasted for 7 working days.

Below you can watch the exclusive video of bringing down of the tower crane BK-1000 (БК-1000) performed by INSTAKKCRANSERVICE.