Radio-control of the crane

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The control of the overhead and gantry crane is generally performed from the cabin by a specially trained crane operator. However, the technological progress keeps advancing and allows us to improve the production, decrease the expenses owing to such developments as the crane’s remote control system.

Switching to radio-control for the crane allows to:

deregister the crane (the cranes of up to 10 t, switched to the ground control are not subject to registration);

reduce financial expenses for the maintenance of the crane;

decrease the number of the maintenance personnel;

increase the labour safety, perform control of the crane out of the hazardous area of works, at sufficiently long distance from the cargo;

raise the labour productivity by means of decreasing the idle periods of the employees and lessening the operations;

carry out precise control of the movement and positioning of the transported cargo. The visibility of the cargo installation location is considerably improved, which is particularly important when working with valuable and fragile equipment and cargoes being moved.

The radio-control set includes:

  1. portable control panel with 8 buttons: 6 command buttons + emergency stop
  2. on/off switch (fitted with security key);
  3. receiving unit installed on the electric box of the main mechanism;
  4. battery pack, a case and a belt.

Using of the crane radio-control systems enables simultaneous synchronous control by two cranes or two lifting trolleys. When switching the cranes to the radio-control, single-speed and dual-speed systems can be used:

push-button control panels with one-speed and dual-speed buttons;

multiple-speed (from 2 to 5) levered systems with a large set of commands and functions, designed to control complex cranes or as a part of frequency-type or thyristor crane drive.

Switching of overhead gantry cranes to the ground control from a remote panel is made with saving of all the crane functions, all emergency protection systems, the alarm and necessary blocking.

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