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A faultless crane track is the guarantee of long-term operation of the crane
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Choice of Hoisting Machine

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If you are thinking about purchasing a new crane instead of the existing one, pay attention to the following useful tips:

  • If your cranes do not cope with the requirements of the technological process, then first of all consider the possibility of reconstruction/modernization and restoration of the latter;
  • If your cranes are not designed for a particular job – carry out refit;
  • If your cranes do not work properly ("get seized up", there are failures at operation, problems
    with the electrical part) – involve QUALIFIED specialists.

If you are firmly convinced that you need a new hoisting machine, the following information can be helpful to you:

  • do not exclude single-girder overhead cranes prematurely. Modern technologies and design solutions make it possible to manufacture single-girder cranes with a carrying capacity of up to 32 tons, which are not that much inferior to their double-girder counterparts;
  • use the existing crane tracks as much as possible. The installation of new crane tracks (columns, beams, etc.) puts high requirements for the foundations of buildings;
  • when ordering a new crane, request full information about each mechanism and metal structure (sandblasting does not eliminate the fatigue failures of the metal);
  • be sure to visit the design department and production site, find out the detailed characteristics of your crane "from within";
  • never save on HIGH HAZARD machines;

Read the Erection and Operation Instructions for your hoisting machine.

If you have any questions, please contact us to find the best solutions for your hoisting tasks.