INSTALLCRANESERVICE is an automation of your business.
We provide production of high reliability, individual price offer and also a huge range of additional services.

INSTALLCRANESERVICE is an enterprise specializing in lifting machinery, where the experience is passed on from generation to generation.

The first enterprise was created in 2005 by two engineers and since that moment the tradition to always put reliability first has been established. For over 10 years, by improving and developing, our specialists have studied the causes of all operational failures of lifting machines. Consequently, as early as at the designing stage, we set up the most reliable components and find the technological solutions which allow to increase the operational life of the crane.

To this very day, we carry out ceaseless scientific work on increasing the indicators of the equipment and minimizing resource consumption; thereby we can confidently give a guarantee for our equipment of 18 months and more.

We consider the application of the newest technologies to not just improve one enterprise but to develop the country as a whole.

Like all conscious citizens, we want to live in a modern country. Our mission is to consolidate the positions of Ukraine in the world market not as a resource exporter, but as a strong machine-building state.

We pay great attention to creation of the complete cargo movement cycle: from the moment of determining the functions and developing the projects to handover of the crane coming with the crane way and current feedthrough to the representatives of the State Technical Expertise Center.

We also adhere to loyalty in the price policy. We understand that every enterprise may, to one extent or another, go through a crisis; therefore, we offer both new and remanufactured equipment.

the equipment you can trust

A reliable partner of many companies in Ukraine and all over the world.

One of our priorities is a long-term partnership. For this purpose, our specialists are ready to develop nonstandard projects, which will satisfy the individual production demands increasing the efficiency and profitability of enterprises. We use standardized and unified components, which fully eliminates the possibility of production downtime. The employees of our enterprise are the specialists providing the knowledge and experience, whose duties include ensuring quick response, both to calculation of the cost for the submitted order and to a repair request. The specialists can arrive at the failure spot, diagnose the problems and provide the ways of eliminating the defect within 24 hours.

As of today, the key features of ICS Ukraine LLC are:

innovative technologies based upon personal experience and knowledge;

responsibility to the consumer and dependability of the equipment;

“healthy” prices and flexibility towards each partner;

orientation to a long-term fruitful relationship by means of the related services.


The history of ICS Ukraine LLC begins from 2004, when two talented engineers specializing in installation and dismantling of the cranes in Zaporizhkran plant took the lead of the first enterprise for crane maintenance. They were involved in installation of the following cranes: 260 t gantry crane and 150/30 t overhead crane in Iraq, 120 t gantry crane in Vietnam and of many other, as well as in restoration of the cranage in Angola after the bombardment.

During the period from 2004 to 2008, the service range of the enterprise had expanded to: installation, repair of electric and mechanical parts, modernization, reconstruction of all crane types, including truck cranes, tower cranes and gantry cranes. Over 120 crane units had been mounted and around 500 repair and reconstruction works had been performed, but the enterprise management kept advancing and launched their own crane manufacture.

Since the beginning of 2008, owing to the combined creative work of constructors, technologists, production workers, based on the scientific approach, INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC manufactured and installed first overhead cranes.

The workforce expanded by the specialists in the fields of designing and industrial electronics, by qualified assemblers and installers – it remains unchanged to this day. We make sure that all our employees improve their skills and develop the sense of personal responsibility for the benefit of achieving the common purpose.

By 2013, with a strong, close-knit and resourceful team of specialists and managers, who follow our goals, INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC was opened. Having an enormous background of experience and knowledge and being able to apply them, we proved ourselves to be a reliable partner not only in providing services for lifting mechanisms but also in manufacturing of cranes.

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