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A faultless crane track is the guarantee of long-term operation of the crane

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Based on many years of experience in the repair of hoisting machines, we can safely say that 45% of faults in the cranes are caused by the condition of the crane tracks.

You can always detect deviations from the standards (Annex 2, Labour Safety Regulations NPAOP 0.00-1.01- 07) by involving our specialists.

If the deviations of your crane tracks from the design position exceed the alarm level, then you may encounter the following "troubles" in the operation of cranes:

  • increased wear of the wheels of the mechanism of the crane travel mechanism;
  • vibration, shocks, jumps, getting seized up while travelling;
  • destruction of bearings, corner journal box cases, imbalance in the travel mechanism drive;
  • fatigue failures of the crane's metal structures – cracks in vertical walls, …;
  • the crane coming off the rail – CRANE ACCIDENT.

To prevent occurrence of the above "troubles", keep the crane track in good condition. With the involvement of our specialists you can perform works on levelling, examination, repair or complete replacement of the crane track.