ICS Ukraine is a complete range of services for the lifting equipment: from designing and manufacturing, to a major overhaul and putting into operation.

Our advantages



Ability to perform works without stoppage of the customer's main production lines

High speed of works execution


Nonstandard technical solutions developed according to the specifics of the object

Cost saving for the customer owing to the right selection during the equipment installation

Integrated mechanization of the enterprise workshops using LM (lifting machines)


Why is it worth working with ICS Ukraine?


We create
new technologies

Since we are not only manufacturers of load lifting cranes, but also a repair organization, we know exactly which parts of crane mechanisms break down most often.

During work our specialists face numerous engineering solutions and types of cranes, including gantry cranes, truck cranes, tower cranes, etc.

As a result, a question emerged: how to increase the operational life of a crane and the security of mechanisms?

Therefore our mechanical engineers and electronics engineers are continuously working on the increase in performance/quality indicators of lifting mechanisms.
ICS Ukraine – the equipment you can trust!

Equipment Services

We've been creating
lifting mechanisms since 2008.

You are offered high-quality services, competitive prices and a wide choice of related services.

To provide high performance indicators of your LMs, INSTALLCRANESERVICE LLC conducts periodic maintenance, modernization, reconstruction, major/corrective repair and emergency repair of lifting equipment.

We have a long experience in the field of installing/dismantling all types of cranes, crane equipment and crane ways both domestically-made and of foreign production. All necessary technical documentation (work performance project, works technique, 3D modelling, etc.) is developed by our specialists individually for each object.



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